Paul Ryan

Attorney at Law, P.A

Personal Injury and Accident Law

Few experiences can overwhelm a person like being seriously injured. Right away there is pain and shock, and then fear about what is to come because of the injury. Will this cripple you permanently? What will you do for work? Who will pay the bills?

If you were hurt because of someone’s carelessness or stupidity, that is bad enough and you have every right to be angry. If you were hurt because someone attacked you or did something intentionally to hurt you, you will want justice. At my office, I sit down personally with people who have had harm inflicted upon them and figure out the best way to proceed.

Many times, there are several things that can be done to help, from making sure your insurance company pays the bills it is supposed to pay, to obtaining disability coverage if you are unable to work, to pursuing legal action against the person or persons that injure you, and if you were intentionally injured, by seeking punishment damages against the responsible party.

I have working with injury cases of all types for over 23 years, first as an insurance adjuster and then as an attorney with a prominent Ft. Myers firm representing injured folks. I’ve handled many thousands of cases from one side or the other, auto accident, falls, injuries because of criminal attacks and domestic beatings (which are also criminal attacks), gunshot cases, stabbing cases, outrageous intentional acts resulting in emotional damages, animal attacks and unfortunately, even sexual attacks.

I would like to think that there isn’t much that I haven’t seen during that time, but people and corporations still come up with new and improved ways to hurt people. At my office, I will sit down with you personally, discuss your case thoroughly and figure out the best ways to help you. Usually, there are a number various legal ways to get compensation for damages and bills and to protect yourself from financial ruin.

For example, if you were hurt at work, you likely will have to go through Worker’s Compensation, but there may be other options to further compensate you for injuries. This is what I figure out, and help you with.

There is no charge for an injury consultation. If I can’t help you, you do not get charged. If I do take the case, I get paid on a contingency fee basis, meaning I don’t get paid unless you recover monies from the responsible party or parties. If there is a recovery, clients are also responsible for repayment of court costs or other expenses incurred in while pursuing a case.

I may take your case personally and work on it with you. I don’t take every case, sometimes because the type of legal service you require with your cases facts would best be served by a or a firm that handles a specific area of law. If this is the case, I will get you to a firm that I believe will be best suited to protect your interests. What you will always get is a candid appraisal of your case, and my best efforts to help you.