Paul Ryan

Attorney at Law, P.A

General Practice Law

Over 25 years working in the personal injury and insurance field as both an adjuster and an attorney I handled tens of thousands of cases and dealt with wildly varying situations. I reveled in figuring out ways to serve my client best. I have always enjoyed taking a unique or challenging situation and figuring out the best way to deal with it.

At my firm I seek to help regular folks with their legal needs. Sometimes people are being taken advantage of by a bank or other large company. Sometimes, they are being sued for something and do not know their legal rights. Maybe there is somebody who is simply acting outrageously, and is causing you misery or damages and needs to have the law set down. I can help.

Other areas of law that I work with are constitutional law issues including freedom of speech (First Amendment issues) and citizen’s firearms rights (Second Amendment issues), animal law, copyright law, internet legal issues, guardianship, property law, seeking legal remedies against thieves (human or corporate), wrongful termination of employment, defamation or libel, nuisance law and interpreting and explaining legal documents and contracts.

At my firm, I welcome any new case. Many times, people come to see me with a complex set of problems, and they feel strongly they may have a case for damages or for something that needs to be put right. I’ll figure it out.

Often, I can find several legal issues or even several different legal cases that can be made from a set of circumstance. I’ll explain it to you in English, and make it clear what your legal problems and options are.

And if there is something that I feel another attorney is better suited to handle for you, I will tell you up front and get you the help you need.

So, if you have a case that is complex or unusual and needs to be figured out, give my office a call. We’ll sit down, talk it over and I’ll figure it out for you!