Paul Ryan

Attorney at Law, P.A

Contract Disputes and Outrageous Business Practices

Contract disputes come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it is a major problem, like a dispute with a contractor over construction or work being at your home, sometimes it is a faulty or nonexistent repair done on a vehicle or piece of expensive equipment. It might even be an order you placed by mail, phone or on the internet that never arrived or arrived in a defective or nonfunctional condition.

The one theme in all those dispute situations is usually that after making the dispute known, the other party essentially ignores you. After all, if they did the right thing, there wouldn’t be a dispute!

Sometimes, just a letter from an attorney is enough to get the adverse party to step up and be reasonable. I’ve worked out many problems for clients with just a letter and a call. My office offers contract dispute services with fees based on the size and complexity of the dispute. If it’s a small dispute and can be worked out, the cost of lawyer’s fees shouldn’t be what stops people from standing up for their rights.

Unfortunately, other times the only thing some persons and businesses will react to is an actual lawsuit. Again, my office offers reasonable prices on pursuing legal action against wrongdoers. Before any lawsuit is filed, the client and I sit down, go over the case and I give an evaluation of the risks, benefits and prospective costs of filing and pursuing a legal action.

If there are court costs, investigative costs or other expenses associated with the case, the client is advised and must understand that such expenses are the client’s responsibility. While I can and depending on the case, will work with a client on my fees, other costs come from the court and from other legal expenses, and generally cannot be negotiated.

I will not file anything with the court until the client knows what they are getting into and what the risks and rewards might be.

There is nothing that I dislike more than a person or a business who attempts, through action, attitude or demeanor, to bully an innocent. I look for ways to make those cases hurt the bully and be both affordable and awardable for clients.

Various types of contract issues and disputes include breach of contract, employment contracts, insurance contracts disputes, service contract disputes, non-compete and confidentiality agreement questions and disputes and unconscionable, illegal and unenforceable contract cases and internet bullying or invasion of privacy cases. If you have questions or believe you have a case, I urge you to call my office.

My office charges a nominal $50.00 consultation fee for non-personal injury matters. If I take the case, the $50.00 goes toward your initial bill. The reason for this is that offering free consultations on everything would take up all of my days! If you believe your case is worth it, $50.00 shouldn’t be too much to spend to find out. Consider the possibilities!