Paul Ryan

Attorney at Law, P.A

Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court Mediator

Mediation settles disputes. As mediator, my job is to help people and businesses with disputes to get them settled and let them move on with their lives.

Few things are more difficult as getting two parties with vastly different views to agree on a resolution which is satisfactory to both sides. Sometimes, the parties are so entrenched or angry that the dispute really does need to be decided by a judge or jury. Unfortunately for someone, the decision that comes down from the court will be a shocker. Possibly a very expensive shocker.

That is why mediation works. In an informal setting, parties and their attorneys can meet, discuss all the facts of the dispute in a setting where what is discussed cannot be used in the court proceeding. This results in a level of candor between the parties that actually helps each party understand the other side’s position, and make well informed choices about settlement. Here, the parties make their own choices, and can avoid the expense and ordeal of lengthy court battle, appeals, and the possibility of being stuck with a wild card decision.

As mediator, I take great satisfaction in helping folks resolve differences. To do so it is crucial to spend time with both parties and really gain an understanding from each party about their perception of the dispute. By listening to each party and hearing what is important to each of them it becomes possible to determine if a dispute can be settled and also what it will take from each side to get it done.

Over my career I have been an advocate in hundreds of mediations and I know what it takes to get cases settled. I bring a high energy level and focused solution based approach to helping people work through disputes. My fees are quite competitive. If you are in need of a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court Mediator, I hope you will consider allowing me the opportunity to be of service.

Fee Schedule
2 party case: $100 per party per hour, with a 3 hour minimum
3 party case: $75 per party per hour with a 3 hour minimum
4 or more party case: $50 per party per hour